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Our Aviary Complex currently consists of 4 identical sheds each 13m x 4m x 2.7m. The sheds face north and are fully protected from the south and west. The sides, back  and roof of each shed are fully covered with colourbond.  The front of each shed has a 1.0m high colourbond wall denying access to snakes and rodents. This design allows great flexibility in flight design. Each shed has purpose-built flights to suit the type of birds kept. The original flights were built using steel tube (those in Sheds 1 and 2) but the more recent flights (those in Sheds 3 and 4) were built using aluminium tube. The ease of construction and installation using aluminium far out weighed the difference in price compared to steel, which was less than 20% at time of construction Shed 3 in 2004 but about the same price when Shed 4 was built in 2011. In mid 2014 the area between the back of Shed 3 and front of Shed 4 was roofed and the sides enclosed to give a Free-flight aviary 7m x 13m x 2.7m. This is a mixed flight aviary for parrots and softbills. The Amazons (all located in Shed 4) will be released into this aviary in the off-season for both socialisation and body conditioning.