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Crimson-Bellied Conure


  • Mutation: Normal
  • Price: 4yo Pair $600 SOLD
  • For Sale: None Available
  • Info: 4yo pair $600 SOLD

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Joseph Foreshaw in the Third (revised) Edition of his book The Parrots of the World Page 478ff states for the Crimson-bellied conure pyrrhura perlata perlata.

The crimson-bellied conure comes from northern Brazil, south of the Amazon River. The birds are associated with humid lowland forest, though apparently it prefers denser vegetation at the edges of forest and in secondary growth.

In my aviaries

The Crimson-bellied Conure is a reasonably quiet bird that is suitable for the suburban backyard. The other more common members of the Pyrrhura family include the Green-cheeked and Maroon-bellied conures. I held Pearly conures, the other member of pyrrhura perlata, for a number of years and I have used the same flights, nestboxes and diet for the care of crimson-bellied conures. However, I have found them less prolific breeders although that may change as more and more are bred. They are beautiful aviary subjects and receive rave responses from visitors seeing them for the first time. As the price drops the opportunities for sales into the pet market should become limitless. I feed them pellets, sprouts, fresh fruit and vegetables, all given on a daily basis. I have found that they have a real love of passionfruit so I use the passionfruit as a vehicle for administering supplements (such as calcium) and wormer and other medications. This idea came from respected Queensland breeder Des Bartz. My Crimson-bellieds are bred in suspended aviaries 3500 long x 1200 high x 800 wide (refer to Aviary Flight section on this website).