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Princess Parrots


The Princess Parrot occurs in the arid interior of Australia mainly in Western Australia, South Australia and the Northern Territory; but the full range of the species has not been determined. It is very nomadic and sightings are rare. It has become a prolific breeder in captivity and is one of the most popular parrots in aviaries across Australia. The range of mutations includes Lutino, Lime, Blue, Faded, Pied, Dark Factor, Cobalt, Mauve and others. This has increased its popularity even more, although I have to admit that the pastel colours, sleek body and long tail of the normal adult male is hard to beat.

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  • Mutation: White Lime
  • Price: SOLD
  • For Sale: None Available
  • Info: 2011 bred hen SOLD


  • Mutation: Blue split Lime
  • Price: $200 SOLD
  • For Sale: None Available
  • Info:2014 bred Blue split Lime Cock SOLD


  • Mutation: Lime split Blue
  • Price: $300 SOLD
  • For Sale: None Available
  • Info:2014 bred Lime split Blue Cocks and Hens SOLD


  • Mutation: Normal split Lime split Blue
  • Price: $80 SOLD
  • For Sale: Available
  • Info:2014 bred Green split Lime split Blue cocks and hens SOLD


  • Mutation: Cinnamon
  • Price: $1000 pair SOLD
  • For Sale: None Available
  • Info: Blue split Cinnamon Pair SOLD
Additional Information

White Lime, Blue split Lime, Lime split Blue, Normal split Lime split Blue, Cinnamon